POVERTY & INEQUALITY, diagnosis, prognosis, responses, state of the nation

: Soudien (C.), Reddy (V.) & Woolard (I.) eds.

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326pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019


"A sober, scholarly and immensely powerful reminder of the reality that poverty and inequality remain our major structural challenges in the way of that noble aspiration of a democratic nation state." Alec Irwin, Minister of Public Enterprises 2004-2008

Contributions include:
"South Africa 2018: the state of the discussion on poverty and inequality" by Crain Soudien, Vasu Reddy and Ingrid Woolard
"Poverty and Inequality: South Africa in a continental context" by Jeremy Seekings
"Post-Apartheid Inequality and the Long Shadow of History" by Colin Bundy
"'Accounting' for Migrants in Inequality and the Future: the distance to openness" by Temba Masilela, Stephen Rule and Rachel Adams
"Wealth Taxation as an Instrument to Reduce Wealth Inequality in South Africa" by Samson Mbewe, Ingrid Woolard and Dennis Davis
"Indebtedness and Aspiration in South Africa" by Deborah James
"Abstract Human Right or Material Practice? Academic freedom in an unequal society" by John Higgins
"Beyond the Campus Gate: higher education and place-based development in South Africa" by Leslie Bank and Glenda Kruss.