PRECARIOUS POWER, compliance and discontent under Ramaphosa's ANC

: Booysen (S.)

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298pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2021


"Relying on a diversity of sources including direct observation of local settings, adept interpretation of opinion polling, shrewd deciphering of party paperwork and a battery of informant testimony, Susan Booysen deploys her unique skill-set to tell a story that is both analytically incisive and narratively thrilling. This is an instant classic that will shape the political science field for decades" Tom Lodge, Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Limerick

"… an important contribution to understanding the changing character of ANC politics, civic discontent and weaknesses in the system of governance, post-Zuma." Mzukisi Qobo, Director and Head, Wits School of Governance, University of the Witwatersrand

"Few people in South Africa understand the ANC and political power better than Susan Booysen. In this third volume dissecting the governing party, she presents a carefully researched and thoughtful work that never avoids complexity, yet remains accessible." Judith February, author of Turning and Turning, exploring the complexities of South Africa's democracy

Political analyst and commentator Susan Booysen is Professor Emeritus at the University of the Witwatersrand and Visiting Professor at the Wits School of Governance. She is author of The ANC and the Regeneration of Political Power (2011) and Dominance and Decline: the ANC in the time of Zuma (2015).