PROTEST AT MIDNIGHT, ministry to a nation torn apart, foreword by Will Willimon, edited by Sarah Musser

: Storey (P.)

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262pp., illus., paperback, Stellenbosch, 2022


Memoir by South African minister and theologian Peter Storey, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of the Practice of Christian Ministry at Duke University Divinity School. In his former roles as Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and President of the South African Council of Churches, he was prominently involved in the anti-apartheid struggle and the post-apartheid work of reconciliation.

"Protest at Midnight is sure to become a classic of Christian conscience ... It emerges from the inside of South Africa's struggle against apartheid and from inside the soul of the courageous man of faith who helped lead it. On every page, one encounters the brutal truths of politics. And every page is suffused with the blood of the martyrs. We owe Peter Storey a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid." Richard Lischer, author of Just Tell the Truth: A call to faith, hope, and courage

"Peter Storey's long-awaited memoir of his extraordinary life and ministry in South Africa during the apartheid years is one of the most insightful and theologically rich accounts of the racial struggle of both nation and church that we now have in print ... Peter places us all in his debt with this powerful text, and it needs to be placed in the hands of everyone seriously committed to faithful Christian witness." Willie James Jennings, Yale Divinity School