QUALITY OF LIFE AND WELLBEING, state of the nation

: Reddy (V.) et al eds.

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347pp., map, paperback, Cape Town, 2024


"Provocative, searing, controversial and thought-provoking at once!" Professor Laetitia Rispel, Public Health and South African Research Chair on the Health Workforce School of Public Health, University of the Witwatersrand

Contributions include:

"Quality of life and wellbeing: A good life?" by Vasu Reddy, Narnia Bohler-Muller, Zitha Mokomane and Crain Soudien

"The rights to environmental and human health and wellbeing: Just breathing?" by Narnia Bohler-Muller, Gary Pienaar, Yup Derek-Davids and Gerard Hagg

"Wellbeing and happiness inequality in South Africa: The happiness gap" by Jolene Stein Kotze

""Ageing, remittances and improvements to quality of life" by Justine Burns

"Quality of life and mental health: A situated African psychological perspective" by Kopano Ratele, Carinne Rustin and Maria Florence

"Quality of life in the arts: Radical solidarity in a quiet crisis" by Nomusa Makhubu

"Human security, gender and wellbeing in South Africa" by Sandy Africa.