QUEERING COLONIAL NATAL, indigeneity and the violence of belonging in southern Africa

: Tallie (T.)

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232pp., paperback, Minneapolis, 2019


"Sophisticated and brilliant. Queering Colonial Natal offers much needed interventions to ongoing conversations in settler colonial studies, queer studies, and Indigenous studies by expanding the geographies, political contexts, and theoretical stakes for historical analyses of white settlement and indigenous resistances. In foregrounding case studies that expose the normative constraints white settlers imposed on Zulu as the exclusionary standards for civilized belonging, T.J. Tallie advances how critical indigenous theory understands the colonial cacophonies of race, gender, and sexuality." Jodi A. Byrd, author of The Transit of Empire: indigenous critiques of colonialism

"Brilliant, generous, and generative, Queering Colonial Natal seamlessly demonstrates why scholars of nineteenth-century South African history should read contemporary North American queer and indigenous history and vice versa. T.J. Tallie shows how and why South Africa should be in discussions of settler colonialism as well as how and why a global queer studies needs to pay attention to the history of a place like Natal." Neville Hoad, author of African Intimacies: race, homosexuality, and globalization

T.J. Tallie is Assistant Professor of History at the University of San Diego.