RATTLING THE CAGE, reflections on democratic South Africa

: Meersman (B.)

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295pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2021


A collection of essays on political, economic and social questions facing South Africa.

"Brent Meersman deals with important South African questions with honesty and sensitivity. Deeply committed to constitutionalism, Meersman's lens is accessible and well researched, yielding an insightful addition to writings about our country." Judith February, author of Turning and Turning: exploring the complexities of South Africa's democracy

"A timely set of insightful essays that unflinchingly retrace the key steps South Africa has taken since the advent of democracy in 1994." Richard Calland, author of Anatomy of South Africa: who holds the power? and The Zuma Years: South Africa's changing face of power

Brent Meersman is the co-editor of GroundUp and has chaired the Cape Town Press Club since 2013. His books include the trilogy, Sunset Claws, and the memoir A Childhood Made Up.