: Makholwa (A.)

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276pp., paperback, Reprint, Johannesburg, (2007) 2022


Psychological thriller set in Johannesburg.

"With Red Ink, Makholwa has taken the South African urban novel to new heights. By turns gritty and shocking, yet tender at the core, Red Ink is an important addition to the canon of modern fiction in this country." Fred Khumalo, author of Dancing the Death Drill and The Longest March

"The edgy, jagged process of interviewing Moses Sithole, one of South Africa's most notorious serial killers, did not lead to a 'tell-all biography', but to the first successful string of humorous, on-point novels by this journalist-turned-author. There are many reasons why you should read Makholwa: key among them is her skill for using humour as a device for dealing with complex social issues such a violence against women and our obsession with arriving at a place in life where we can get drunk on consumerist values." Joy Watson, Daily Maverick

Angela Makholwa is also the author of The Blessed Girl, The 30th Candle, Critical but Stable and Black Widow Society. She lives in Johannesburg.