: van Klinken (A.) & Chitando (E.)

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256pp., paperback, London, 2021


"The authors draw on the teachings of African Christian theologians to underscore the message that the radical inclusivity of the Christian Gospel both embraces sexual minorities and that sexual minorities have always had a place in African history and culture." Rev. Canon Mpho Tutu van Furth, priest and CEO of the Tutu Teach Foundation

"In this accessible and engaging book, van Klinken and Chitando offer unique scope for the reimagination of queer African Christianity. The nuanced accounts of queer agency frames, shapes, and disrupts the field, beyond conventional tropes and conceptions about Africa and Christianity." Sarojini Nadar, Director of the Desmond Tutu Centre for Religion and Social Justice

Adriaan van Klinken is Professor of Religion and African Studies at the University of Leeds, and Extraordinary Professor at the Desmond Tutu Centre for Religion and Social Justice.

Ezra Chitando is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Zimbabwe, and Theology Consultant on HIV/AIDS for the World Council of Churches.