RELOCATIONS, reading culture in South Africa

: Coovadia (I.), Parsons (C.) & Dodd (A.) eds.

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255pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2016


A collection of essays that reflect on South African culture and creative thinking. These essays are edited contributions from the Great Texts/ Big Questions public lecture series organised by the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts and held at the University of Cape Town's Hiddingh Hall in 2009.

"The success of GIPCA's 'Great Texts/ Big Questions' series as conceived by Imraan Coovadia lay in the immediacy of the various subjects as well as in the robust encounters it spurred between the academy and a range of different publics. As a compilation, 'Relocations' vividly captures this vitality and broadens the reach. It is an invaluable and visually stunning contribution to the pressing need for public debate and reflection in South Africa" Jay Pather, Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town, Director of the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts, and Artistic Director of Siwela Sonke

Contributions include:
"The Marvels of the Ingenious Knight Don Quijote de la Mancha " by André Brink
"These Things do Happen" by William Kentridge
"A Page" by Gabeba Baderoon, Rustum Kozain and Henrietta Rose-Innes
"An Inconvenient Truth: Abraham Lincoln and Karl Marx" by Zackie Achmat
"Gandhi's Hind Swaraj" by Isabel Hofmeyr
"How to Read Lolita" by Imraan Coovadia
"Syntactic Structures: Noam Chomsky and the Colourless Green Revolution in Language Studies" by Rajend Mesthrie