REMEMBERING BOSMAN, Herman Charles recollected, tributes, memoirs, sketches, interviews

: Gray (S.) ed.

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189 pp., illus., hardback, d.w., Johannesburg, 2009


This collection includes tributes written to celebrate the memory of Herman Charles Bosman by colleagues on his death, verses written in his honour during his lifetime and after, articles by other friends and acquaintances, and interviews with witnesses to his life.

Contents include "A Portrait from Memory" by George Howard,
"My Cousin Herman" by Zita Grové,
"Mr Bosman: a protégé's memoir" by Lionel Abrahams,
"Last Chapters" by Bosman's wife Helena Lake,
"Laughing Cavalier" by Edgar Bernstein,
""A Personal Tribute" by Leon Feldberg,
"Schooldays" by Eddie Roux", and
"The Poet Prisoner" by Lago Clifford.