RETHINKING RECONCILIATION, evidence from South Africa

: Lefko-Everett (K.), Govender (R.) & Foster (D.) eds.

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374pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2017


A collection of essays that examine the reconciliatory project in South Africa, using 10 years of public-opinion data collected by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) through the South African Reconciliation Barometer survey.

Contributions include:
"Truth, Redress and Reconciliation: evaluating transitional justice from below" by Hugo van der Merwe and Kathleen Sensabaugh
"Contact and Reconciliation" by Don Foster and Kim Wale
"The Social Consequences of Class Formation Among Black South Africans in the 2000s: evidence from SARB" by Jeremy Seekings
"Why Postapartheid South Africans Rebel" social protest, public participation and trust in institutions" by Zwelethu Jolobe
"The Surprising Growth in Minority Support for the 'Rainbow Nation'" by Robert Mattes
"The South African Error: restorative justice sans social recompense" by Zimitri Erasmus and Harry Garuba.