RIVER OF THE GODS, genius, courage and betrayal in the search for the source of the Nile

: Millard (C.)

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149pp., illus., paperback, (London), 2023


First published in the USA in 2022.

"A lean, fast-paced account of the almost absurdly dangerous quest by [Richard Burton and John Speke] to solve the geographic riddle of their era ... Candice Millard has earned her legions of admirers. She is a graceful writer and a careful researcher, and she knows how to navigate a tangled tale.” The New York Times Book Review

"Millard’s research and very readable storytelling are admirable ... Ultimately, the identity of the person who first discovered the source of the White Nile may be a trivial matter. Ms. Millard conscientiously investigates the issue, of course, but River of the Gods is compelling because she does justice to the psyches and behavior of Burton and Speke - keenly flawed but enthralling, sometimes marvelous people.” Wall Street Journal

Candice Millard is the author of The River of Doubt, Destiny of the Republic, and Hero of the Empire. She lives in Kansas City.