ROBERT'S BIRD GUIDE, Kruger National Park

: McKenzie (D), Chittenden (H.) & Whyte (I.)

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355pp., colour illus., maps, Second Edition, Cape Town (2008) 2023


Includes new information on all of the more than 550 species that have been recorded in the Kruger National Park and adjacent Lowveld to date; updated text and distribution maps based on data from the Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2, and new sections with bird tracks and bird habitats.

Duncan McKenzie has been birding in the Kruger National Park for the last 35 years. As a consulting ecologist, he has worked on numerous bird and plant surveys in Kruger, presented over 60 bird courses, and is the SABAP2 co-ordinator for Mpumalanga Province.

Hugh Chittenden has over 50 years of birding experience in the region, received an honorary doctorate for contributions to ornithology in 2012, and has written numerous bird guides. He was Chairman of the John Voelcker Bird Book Fund for 25 years.

Ian Whyte spent 37 years living and working in the Kruger National Park. He co-authored the first edition of this series in 2008. Now retired, he lives in Hoedspruit.