RSA 365, 365 Drawings of South African Architecture

: Gaylard (S.) illus. with McDougall (B.) et al text

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368pp., illus., hardback, No Place, 2022


In 2020, architect and artist Shaun Gaylard of Blank Ink Design challenged himself to draw 365 sketches of South African buildings, bridges and towers - one drawing a day.

Contributions include:

"Manifesting and Experiencing the Divine: Meaning in the Mariamman Hindu Temple, Pretoria" by Daniel van der Merwe

"Springs Art Deco" by Brendan Hart

"Jumu'ah Moque- Kerk Street Mosque" by Yasmin Mayat

"Archives of My City: Palimpsest and Pentimento" by Rqshiq Fataar

"The Future Just Ain't What It Used To Be" by Robert Silke.