RUN FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE, what I learned while running more than 10 000 miles through some of the harshest landscapes on Earth

: Terblanche (E.)

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243pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2021


South African endurance runner Erica Terblanche has run in the Sahara, Atacama, Namib and Kalahari deserts, the Grand Canyon and the Turkish Cappadocia.

"If you love running, and love the journey of life, then please read this book." Linda Doke, endurance runner

“After reading Run For the Love of Life, I feel compelled to take the first few steps. Even if it means learning to walk before I can run, Erica’s passion is infectious. This book will get you moving, if nothing else will.” Michelle Bristow-Bovey, journalist

Erica Terblanche has won numerous long-distance races, including Racing the Planet's 7-day Sahara Desert Ultramarathon. She is a business strategist, psychologist and coach. She is the founder of Teach a Girl to Fish and CEO of ThriveGuru which offers nature-based personal growth experiences in South Africa, the UK and Greece. Run, for the love of Life is her first book.