SAGIE SE STORIE, Is Sagie, Is Weer Sagie, en Sagie Is

: van Tonder (J.)

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367pp., map, paperback, Cape Town, 2023


Is Sagie was first published in 1987. Is Weer Sagie was first published in 2013. Sagie Is (2023) is the final novel in the trilogy.

Jan van Tonder was born in 1954, grew up in Durban and currently lives in Oudtshoorn. His books include Aandenking vir ’n vry man, a collection of short stories, the novels Roepman and Die kind (1990 ATKV Prose Prize and the 1991 FAK Prize for easy reading), and the play Lewensreg (2007 Sanlam Prize for Afrikaans Theatre). Is Sagie was a runner-up for the ATKV Prose Prize.