SAKA SAKA, adventures in African cooking, south of the Sahara

: Cocagne (A.) text & Princet (A.) text & photo.

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207pp., colour illus., hardback, Reprint, Sydney & London, (2019) 2022


"[A]n adventure through sub-Saharan Africa. Named after a cassava leaf dish, this book combines recipes, portraits, and interviews that introduce African cuisine to the global consumer. Appealing dishes include everything from sides and appetizers to street food and desserts, all showcasing the beauty and art of food from Africa and the connection people have to it. Cocagne encourages readers to revise the misconceptions that food from Africa is too oily, too spicy, or too rich: in reality it is healthy and diverse … With all the love that the continent has to offer this book is a must for cooking collections.” Booklist

Gabonese chef Anto Cocagne, also known as Chef Anto, studied culinary arts in France and the USA before starting her career as a chef and consultant on African cuisines in Paris. She is the artistic director of Afro Cooking magazine, president of the “We Eat Africa” food festival, and star of the African TV series Rendez-vous avec Le Chef Anto.