: Onuzo (C.)

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294pp., paperback, London, (2021) 2022


Anna grew up in London with her white mother, knowing very little about her West African father. After her mother dies she finds his student diary and decides to track him down.

“Onuzo displays astonishing imagination and versatility in this fantastic novel about a woman’s search for her personal, familial and national identity, delivered with deadpan humor in captivating prose.” Sefi Atta, author of A Bit of Difference

“The slick pacing and unpredictable developments - especially in the depiction of Anna’s enigmatic father - keep the reader alert right up to the novel’s exhilarating ending ... Onuzo lifts the narrative into an entirely unexpected space. She shows that the healing of fractures and a desire for wholeness can be achieved in the most unexpected of places.” Michael Donkar, Guardian

Chibundu Onuzo was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1991. She is the author of the novels, The Spider King's Daughter (winner of a Betty Trask Award) and Welcome to Lagos. She lives in London.