SCHOLARLY ENGAGEMENT AND DECOLONISATION, views from South Africa, The Netherlands and the United States

: Crul (M.), Ghorashi (H.) & Valenzuela Jr (A.) eds.

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384pp., illus., paperback, On Higher Education Transformation, Vol. 1, Stellenbosch, 2020


Contributions include:

"Portraits of Social Justice: The role of the arts in raising critical consciousness in higher education" by Marguerite Müller and Angelo Mockie

"The Movement of Thought: Mapping knowledge-growing" by Frans Kruger

"Decolonising Research Methods: Ideas on scholarship and epistemic integrity" by Nadira Omarjee.

Maurice Crul is Professor of Sociology at the Vrije Universities in Amsterdam.

Liezl Dick is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Free State Centre for Human Rights at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein.

Halleh Ghorashi is Full Professor of Diversity and Integration in the Department of Sociology at the Vrije Universities in Amsterdam.

Abel Valenzuela Jr is Professor of Chicana/o Studies, Urban Planning, and Labor Studies and Director of UCLA's Institute of Research on Labor and Employment.