SEAHORN MESSIAH, Sydney Clouts, the poems

: Wylie (D.) ed.

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283pp., paperback, (Grahamstown), 2019


This volume updates the 1984 Collected Poems edited by Marge and Cyril Clouts. It includes all the poems Sydney Clouts approved for publication, as well as some of his earliest publications, fragments and versions posthumously published, and some previously unseen near-complete poems from the manuscript collection at Amazwi (formerly NELM). This book is a companion volume to Wylie's study Intimate Lightning: Sydney Clouts, poet

"The purest poetic talent to have worked in English in South Africa since Roy Campbell." J. M. Coetzee

Poet, author and academic Dan Wylie is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Literary Studies at Rhodes University. His latest books include Raven Games, new and selected poems and Death and Compassion, the elephant in South African literature.