SELFLESS REVOLUTIONARIES, Biko, black consciousness, black theology, and a global ethic of solidarity and resistance

: Boesak (A.)

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312pp., paperback, Stellenbosch, 2021


"This powerful book analyzes enduring legacies of racial colonization within South Africa and beyond, and also details a new generation of student mobilization against those legacies. Pointing especially to Steve Biko's defiant black consciousness thrust, Dr. Boesak tracks the continuing global influence of several key twentieth-century racial justice prophets, providing strategic points of connection across generations and continents. This is essential reading at this current moment of intensified racial ferment." R. Drew Smith, co-convener, Transatlantic Roundtable on Religion and Race

"Allan Boesak is our Martin Luther King and James Cone rolled into one. Only someone with his talents, his knowledge of written, taught, and lived black theology, at home and abroad, can attempt as majestic, as epic, and as global a survey of black theological thought on the world today. He could not have chosen a better frame than the thought of Steve Biko and the idea of black consciousness - both of which he read very closely and most engagingly." Professor Tinyiko Maluleke, University of Pretoria

Allan Aubrey Boesak is a South African liberation theologian, global human rights activist, and Professor of Black Liberation Ethics at the University of Pretoria. Inducted into the Martin Luther King Jr. International Board of Preachers, his books include Children of the Waters of Meribah: Black Liberation Theology, the Miriamic Tradition, and the Challenges of 21st Century Empire, Dare We Speak of Hope: Kairos, Crisis and Global Apartheid and Pharaohs on Both Sides of the Blood-Red Waters.