SEX AND LIES, translated by Sophie Lewis

: Slimani (L.)

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162pp., paperback, English Language Reprint, London (2020) 2023


First published in French in 2017 as See et mensonges.

A collection of essays in which Leïla Slimani gives voice to young Moroccan women who are grappling with a conservative Arab culture in a country where the law punishes and outlaws all forms of sex outside marriage, as well as homosexuality and prostitution.

“Slimani’s searing nonfiction debut unearths the deepest and most intimate secrets of a group of women in a culture where sexual autonomy is punished by law.” Newsweek

"Slimani trusts in her outrage, in the force of her own voice, and the voices of the women she listens to." Guardian

Moroccan Journalist Leïla Slimani is the author of the novels Lullaby (Goncourt Prize), Adèle and The Country of Others. She is French President Emmanuel Macron's personal representative for the promotion of the French language and culture and lives in Paris.