SHATTERING ZIONIST MYTHS, 100 distortions identified

: Ozman (F.)

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386pp., colour illus., maps, paperback, Johannesburg, 2022


"Apartheid Israel, like its racist South African predecessor, is built on an edifice of lies, disinformation and distortions. This striking book, with its impressive references and analysis, brilliantly debunks the Zionist mythological falsifications that justify the brutal dispossession of Palestinian land and rights. It leaves an honest enquirer in no doubt as to the colonial militarist basis of the Zionist settler project and the essential support that receives from Western imperialist interests - which must be rigorously exposed." Ronnie Kasrils, struggle veteran and former Minister for Intelligence Services

“On behalf of the Palestinian people who are constantly subjected to killings, arrests, house demolitions, displacement, dehumanization, colonial settlement and apartheid by the Zionist Occupation, we thank and highly appreciate this remarkable and much valued book by Dr Firoz Osman and his colleagues in the Media Review Network based in South Africa. This enlightening work will contribute to achieving justice for the Palestinian cause globally.” Dr Magmoud Al-Zahar, co-founder of Hamas Movement and former Palestinian Foreign Minister

Medical doctor Firoz Osmana is a founder-member of the Media Review Network, a South African-based advocacy group. He is the co-author of Why Israel? The anatomy of Zionist apartheid (2013).