SKEEF, wat jy van LGBTIQ-wees wil weet

: Schwarp (R.)

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152pp., illus., paperback, Pretoria, 2021


Based on radio presenter and digital media specialist Renaldo Schwarp's Afrikaans four-part documentary series, Skeef, about being queer in present-day South Africa, told through the experiences of LGBTI+ people across the country.

In 2021 Renaldo Schwarp joined the Bloemfontein-based radio station OFM as host of "OFM Nights with Renaldo Schwarp". In 2020 he was awarded the SRC Award for Exceptional Achievement by an SU Alumnus at Stellenbosch University’s Rector’s Awards for Excellent Achievement. He also received a Koker Youth Award at the 2019 Afrikaanse Taalraad Koker Awards.