SOCIETY, RESEARCH AND POWER, a history of the Human Sciences Research Council from 1929 to 2019

: Soudien (C.), Swartz (S.) & Houston (G.) eds.

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540pp., b/w & colour illus,. paperback, Cape Town, 2021


"A monumental and creative study by this country’s eminent social science researchers characterised by adherence to the best traditions of social science research methods, and understanding of the place of an institution like the HSRC in the constitutional objectives of the country, and a solid vision about social science in the constellation of knowledge." Barney Pityana, former Vice-Chancellor of UNISA

Contributions include:

"A Praetorian Sensibility? The making of the humanities and social sciences through the tangled histories of the HSRC and the humanities faculty in Pretoria" by Crain Soudien

"Repositioning and Rebuilding the HSRC: changes and challenges, 1993–1997" by former CEO Rolf Stumpf

"Can the HSRC Join In the Future?" by Caroline White

"Government, Universities, and the HSRC: a perspective on the past and present" by Linda Chisholm and Seán Morrow

"Public Social Research Agencies and Housing Policy in South Africa, 1929–2019" by Alan Mabin

"The Repositioning of the HSRC to Support Educational Change in Post-apartheid South Africa" by Matthews M Makgamatha, Mokong S Mapadimeng and Catherine Namome

"Impervious to Policy: revisiting the HSRC’s heterodox economic approach to South Africa’s persistent structural complexities" by Stewart Ngandu

"Questioning Urban Pessimism: a decade of HSRC research on cities" by Ivan Turok, Andreas Scheba and Justin Visagie.

Crain Soudien is the Chief Executive Officer of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC).

Sharlene Swartz is Division Executive of the Inclusive Economic Development research division at the HSRC and Adjunct Professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Fort Hare.

Gregory Houston is a chief research specialist in the Developmental, Capable, and Ethical State Research Division at the HSRC and a research fellow of the History Department of the University of the Free State.