"SORRY. I AM WHAT I AM." The life and letters of the South African pianist and opera coach Gordon Jephtas (1943-92)

: Roos (H.), Davids (F-J.) & Walton (C.) eds.

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210pp., illus., paperback, Basel, 2023


Gordon Jephtas was born in 1943 in Cape Town. As a teenager he worked as an accompanist with the amateur opera group, "Eoan". In the 1960s he moved to Europe and established an international reputation as a vocal coach of Italian opera, working with the biggest names in the opera world, from Renata Tebaldi to Plácido Domingo, Montserrat Caballé and Luciano Pavarotti. He died in New York in 1992.

Hilde Roos is the General Manager of Africa Open Institute for Music, Research and Innovation at Stellenbosch University. She is the author of The La Traviata Affair: Opera in the age of apartheid and joint editor of EOAN: Our story.

Féroll-Jon Davids is the principal clarinetist of the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra and a part-time clarinet lecturer at Stellenbosch University.

Chris Walton is an honorary professor at Africa Open Institute, Stellenbosch University, and Privatdozent at Barn University. His most recent book is Richard Wagner's Essays on Conducting.