: Creswicke (L.)

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 Vol. 1: From the Foundation of the Cape Colony to the Boer Ultimatum of 9th Oct. 1899; Vol 2: From the Commencement of the War to the Battle of Colenso, 15th Dec. 1899; Vol 3: From the Battle of Colenso, 15th Dec. 1899 to Lord Robert's Advance into the Free State, 12th Feb. 1900; Vol 4: From Lord Roberts' Entry into the Free State to the Battle of Karree; Vol 5: From the Disaster at Koorn Spruit to Lord Roberts' Entry into Pretoria; Vol. 6: From the Occupation of Pretoria to Mr. Kruger's Departure from South Africa, With a Summarised Account of the Guerilla War to March 1901; Vol. 7: The Guerilla War. From February 1901 to the Conclusion of Hostilities. The Development of Peace Negotiations from February 23, 1901, to May 31, 1902


xi + 199pp., viii +200pp., viii + 199pp., viii + 213pp., vii + 198pp., vii + 215pp., xvi + 213pp., b/w & colour illus., folding maps, pict. cloth boards, London, 1900-1, 1902


"South Africa and the Transvaal War" was originally published in 6 Vols. Vol. 7 is an "additional and strictly supplementary volume dealing with Lord Kitchener's regime as Commander-in-Chief and the Geurilla War" covering material not originally planned in the prospectus of the work. Missing is Vol. 8 "South Africa and it's Future," edited by Creswicke and published in 1903.