SOUTH AFRICAN CHRISTIAN EXPERIENCES, from colonialism to democracy

: Resane (K.)

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330pp., paperback, Bloemfontein, 2020


Overview of Christianity in South Africa from the first missionary movements to contemporary forms of prophetic Pentecostalism.

"'Drawing from our own wells' is a prophetic call for theologians to develop context specific liberation theologies drawn from their own contexts, history, experiences, and different types of knowledge. This book locates its loci in the historical and contemporary context in South Africa, as well as drawing from the rich legacy of liberation theologies including African, Kairos, Black, Circle and many other theologies to address contemporary issues facing South Africa." Dr Nontando Hadebe, Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians

Kelebogile Thomas Resane is a former Teaching and Learning Manager, Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of the Free State. He is currently a research fellow in the Department of Historical and Constructive Theology while serving as National Director of Bible League South Africa. He is the author of Communion Ecclesiology in a Racially Proliferated South Africa.