: Strang (L.)

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88pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2022


“A stellar constellation of poems that invites us in, yet challenges us with Escheresque views and inventive avatars. The writing delights in the unexpected, evident in unusual adjacencies of word, sound and idea, and in an imaginative intellection that slides between acerbic humour and depth. Strang brings us the strange in poems that venture across mythic, mysterious and material repertoires, leaving a bold juxtaposition of the (meta)realities of mental and physical illness, and of political and gender-based violence.” Sally Ann Murray, Professor of English, Stellenbosch University

Linda Ann Strang works in the field of Learning and Teaching Development at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. She is editor-in-chief of Hotazel Review. Her first poetry collection, Wedding Underwear for Mermaids, was published in 2011 in the United Kingdom.