SUIKER BRITZ, dossier van 'n speurbaas

: Jansen (A.) & Coetzee (S.)

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211pp., paperback, Reprint, Cape Town, (2019) 2020


Suiker Britz was National Commander of the South African Police Service from 1991-1995. He worked on the Church Street bomb and the Barend Strydom killings. Later he led the newly-created priority crime unit, tasked with solving high-profile criminal cases such as the Johann Heyns assassination; the murder of anti-apartheid lawyer Griffiths Mxenge; the murder of Dr Abu-Baker Asvat; and the letter bomb that killed activist Jeanette Schoon and her daughter. 

Anemari Jansen is the author of the novel Glipstroom and Eugene de Kock: Sluipmoordenaar vir die staat.

Stefaans Coetzee is the author of the autobiography Wit Wolf: Die storie van die Worcester-bomplanter (with Alita Steenkamp).