: Jansen (J.) & Farmer-Phillips (T.) eds.

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161pp., paperback, Stellenbosch, 2021


Accounts by South African teachers on the experience of teaching during a pandemic, how they  managed their emotional lives as colleagues became infected, were hospitalised, or died, and what they did to bridge the gap in teaching and learning where schools and homes lacked electronic resources.

Includes and introduction and analysis by Jonathan Jansen and Theola Farmer-Phillips.

Jonathan Jansen is Distinguished Professor of Education at Stellenbosch University, President of the Academy of Science of South Africa and Chairman of the Jakes Gerwel Fellowship. He is the author of As By Fire, the end of the South African University and Making Love in a War Zone, interracial loving and learning after apartheid and editor of Schooling in South Africa: The enigma of inequality.

Theola Farmer-Phillips is a departmental head at Yellowwood Primary School in Cape Town and serves as an advisory member of the Primary Science Programme.