TEACHING THE 'NATIVE', behind the architecture of an unequal education system

: Reilly (J.)

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302pp., paperback, Cape Town , 2016


"'Teaching the Native' provides an invaluable historical explanation for the controversies that currently bedevil South African education. Artfully written, with a keen eye for historical nuance and detail, Joseph Reilly takes us on an epic journey through the history of South African educational policy, demonstrating the global and transnational connections between the South African university and British imperialism and American racism. He deftly weaves a story of how education, far from being a neutral 'technocratic' solution to inequality, has actually played a key role in creating societies structured in dominance. His analysis, which demonstrates that the present dissatisfaction within the South African academy is a predictable outcome of its history, also provides a valuable blueprint for how to rebuild South African education in the 21st century." Zine Magubane, Associate Professor of Sociology, Boston College

Scholar and anti-apartheid activist Joseph Reilly is currently working on an archival project celebrating the scholarship and liberation heritage of Professor Ben Magubane through the Bernard Magubane Trust.