TERRA, Jeannette Unite

: Lamprecht (A.) & Powell (I.0 eds.

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191 pp., colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2012


This monograph represents nearly two decades of artist Jeanette Unite's work, inspired by research into Africa's industrial landscape and the contentious role that mining has played in South African history. She collects mine dump waste and industrial material that she integrates into molten glass; and incorporates minerals, metal oxides, and sands into handmade pastels to create her mixed media works.

Contributions include:
"A Visual Mining Exploration" by Kathryn Smith
"Visual Prospects" by Kim Gurney
"...Rubble of the Aeons, Not Last Night's Takeaway..." by Ashraf Jamal
"The Mixed Blessing of Large Mineral Resources" by Marian Tredoux
"Hot Earth Crust: molten glass artworks" by Andrew Lamprecht
"Energy, Emotion and Eco-Morality" by Melvyn Minnaar
"Geological Time" by Chris Roper

Also includes an artist's statement by Jeannette Unite and notes by Ivor Powell and composer Bongani Ndodana-Breen.

Jeanette Unite was born in Cape Town in 1964, where she lives and works.