THE AFRIKANERS, biography of a people

: Gilliomee (H.)

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715 pp., paperback, Second Edition, Cape Town, (2003) 2009


An expanded and updated edition of Herman Giliomee's narrative history of the Afrikaner people from the colonization of the Cape of Good Hope by the Dutch East India Company to the twenty-first century.

"A book to includes an account of the origins and demise of apartheid that must rank as the most sober, objective and comprehensive we have." J.M.Coetzee

Herman Giliomee is Extraordinary Professor of History at the University of Stellenbosch. He has written thirteen books, including "The Shaping of South African Society", "From Apartheid to Nation-Building" and "The Awkward Embrace: one-party domination and democracy in industrialising countries".