THE ANGLOPHONE LITERARY-LINGUISTIC CONTINUUM, English and indigenous languages in African literary discourse

: Andindilile (M.)

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152pp., paperback, Grahamstown, 2017


"The work is a worthwhile contribution to the debate on what constitutes anglophone African literature, and whether African literature in English could be considered truly African as part of an 'anglophone literary-linguistic continuum'. The concept of such a continuum, based on Bickerton's thesis on the Creole continuum, is interesting and developed persuasively. The author convincingly shows how the four authors chosen for analysis provide diverse perspectives for viewing the continuum of anglophone African writing with peculiar characteristics and divergences imposed by the local context and its influence on the English language." Dr Leonie Viljoen, Department of English Studies, University of South Africa

Examines selected novels by Chinua Achebe of Nigeria, James Ngugi of Kenya, Nadine Gordimer of South Africa and Nuruddin Farah of Somalia.

Michael Andindilile is a senior lecturer in the Department of Literature at the University of Dar es Salaam and Dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.