THE COLOUR OF OUR FUTURE, does race matter in post-apartheid South Africa?

: Mangcu (X.) ed.

R 355.00
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249pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2015


A collection of essays that "highlight the need for a race-transcendent vision that moves beyond 'the festival of negatives' embodied in concepts such as non-racialism, non-sexism, anti-colonialism and anti-apartheid. Steve Biko's notion of a 'joint culture' is the scaffold on which this vision rests: it recognises that a race-transcendent society can only be built by acknowledging the constituent elements of South Africa's EuroAfrican heritage." from the back cover

"Xolela Mangcu has brought together thinkers in a 'conceptual ground clearing' that stares race legacies square in the face. What he and his contributors achieve in this book is not a synergy so much as an explosion. The chapters will chafe, irritate, delight and illuminate, and we may need to read this book with pauses between chapters. But read it we must." Pumla Dineo Gqola, author of What is Slavery to Me: postcolonial/ slave memory in post-apartheid South Africa

"There is no better group of analysts than the contributors in this volume to comment on the life of colour and on the unfinished challenge of unravelling racism in post-apartheid South Africa. Xolela Mangcu's edited collection presents an engaging portrait of our times. Deeply impressive and powerfully argued, it makes a substantial contribution in ongoing debates about the future of non-racialism in this country." Achiile Mbembe, author of On the Postcolony

Contributors are: Xolela Mangcu, Nina Jablonski, Lawrence Blum, Steven Friedman, Mark Swilling, Vusi Gumede, Joel Netshitenzhe, Suren Pillay, Crain Soudien and Hlonipha Mokoena.