: Amadi (E.)

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216pp., paperback, London, 1966


"Mr Amadi writes with speed and shapeliness and exhilaration ... a lovely and dignified picture of a society not only still ruled by gods, but governed by a great delicacy in human relationships." The Guardian

"A highly sophisticated, measured treatment of the fatal loves of a woman in an Eastern Nigerian village. Written in a grave and simple style, it reveals its author as a fine writer ruminating on a past already turning into legend." The New Statesman

Elechi Amadi was born in 1934 in Aluu near Port Harcourt in Eastern Nigeria. He is the author of the trilogy of novels, The Concubine, The Great Ponds, The Slave, civil war diary, Sunset in Biafra,  Isiburu, a verse play, and the non-fiction work Ethics in Nigerian Culture.