: Okri (B.)

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499pp., paperback, Reprint, New York, (1992) 2003


Winner of the 1991 Booker Prize.

The first novel in the Famished Road trilogy.

A modern Lazarus story that explores the tension between the land of the living, with its violence and struggles, and the temptations of the carefree spirit kingdom. Azaro, the narrator of the story, is an abiku, a spirit child who lives between life and death. Although he is saved from dying, his parents' efforts on his behalf make them destitute.

"A dazzling achievement for any writer in any language." The New York Times Book Review

"In a magnificent feat of sustained imaginative writing, Okri spins a tale that is epic and intimate at the same time. The Famished Road rekindled my sense of wonder. It made me, at age 50, look at the world through the wide eyes of a child" Sir Michael Palin

"A mesmerizing vision of modern Nigeria, seen through the eyes of a peculiarly sentient child... The Famished Road is a quintessential African novel." The Philadelphia Inquirer

"This is a book to generate apostles. People will be moved and, with stars in their eyes, will pass on the word" Time Out

Nigerian author and poet Ben Okri was born in Lagos. His novels include Songs of EnchantmentInfinite RichesAn African Elegy and Incidents at the Shrine. He lives in London.