THE FATE OF THE EASTERN CAPE, history, politics and social policy

: Ruiters (G.) ed.

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352 pp., paperback, Pietermaritzburg, 2011


A collection of essays that combine historical accounts with current socio-political analyses to present an agenda for social-spatial justice for the people of the Eastern Cape.

Contributions include:
"How the Eastern Cape Lost its Edge to the Western Cape: the political economy in the Eastern Cape on the eve of Union" by Jeff Peires
"Traditional Authorities and Democracy: are we back to apartheid?" by Lungisile Ntsebeza
"Eastern Cape Civil Society and NGOs: forces for change or partners of the state?" by Siv Helen Hesjedal
"The Eastern Cape Environment: problems and people-centred solutions" by Morgan Griffiths and Patrick Dowling
"Coega, Corporate Welfare and Climate Crisis" by Patrick Bond
"Volkswagen Workers: global integration and union disintegration" by Ashwin Desai
"Health Care and Responses to the HIV Epidemic in the Eastern Cape" by Kevin Kelly
"Provinces in Contention: wither the Eastern Cape?" by Greg Ruiters.

Greg Ruiters is the Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Research and Matthew Goniwe Professor in Society and Development at Rhodes University.