THE GIRLS IN THE WILD FIG TREE, how I fought to save myself, my sister, and thousands of girls worldwide

: Leng'ete (N.) with Butler-Witter (E.)

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231pp., colour illus., paperback, London, 2021


First published in the USA in 2021.

Nice Leng'ete is a Maasai human rights activist from Kimana, Kenya. When she was eight years old she defied cultural convention and managed to avoid 'the cut' and a forced childhood marriage and stay in school, while she was treated as an outcast in her village. When she was 21 she moved to Nairobi to work with Amref Health Africa and campaign to end female genital mutilation and replace it with Alternative Rights of Passage. She created A Nice Place, a rescue centre and leadership training academy for girls at risk for circumcision and early marriage. Kenya outlawed 'the cut' in 2011, and the Maasai people abandoned it in 2014.