: Fairbanks (E.)

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383pp., paperback, First SA Edition, Johannesburg, 2023


First published in the USA in 2022.

Eve Fairbanks weaves together the stories of three ordinary South Africans over five decades - political activist Dipuo, her born-free daughter Malaika, and Christo, one of the last Afrikaners drafted to fight for the apartheid regime.

“Fairbanks’s empathetic, comprehensive reporting shines … providing insight into how ordinary people build lives in the aftermath of political upheaval ... Her curiosity seems boundless ... swept up in the rich tapestry of the country and ... an abundance of personal memories, fables, speculation and musings.” The New York Times Book Review

“Many times while reading this book you will stop, shiver, shake your head, and sigh. Lyrical, deep, chilling, and prescient, it’s a book we will be talking about for years to come.”  Justice Malala, author of We Have Now Begun Our Descent

Eve Fairbanks is a former congressional correspondent for The New Republic. Her essays and reportage have been published in The Washington PostThe New York Times and The Guardian. Born in Washington, DC, and raised in Virginia, she has lived in Johannesburg for thirteen years.