THE ISLAND, a history of Robben Island, 1488-1990

: Deacon (H.) ed.

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184pp., illus., maps, paperback, Reprint, Cape Town, (1996) 2023


Includes the experiences of all those who have lived on Robben Island: Khoi clients of the Dutch, Muslim leaders from the East Indies, Xhosa chiefs from the Eastern Cape, lepers and 'lunatics', military personnel during the Second Word War, Rivonia trialists and political prisoners of apartheid.

Dr Harriet Deacon is a heritage consultant in the UK, a facilitator on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage Section’s capacity building programme, a guest lecturer in heritage management at the University of Mauritius, and a correspondent to the Archival Platform, currently running their twitter feed. She worked in the heritage sector in South Africa for ten years.