THE LAST WORDS OF ROWAN DU PREEZ, murder and conspiracy on the Cape Flats

: Haysom (S.)

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333pp., maps, paperback, Johannesburg, 2018


Simone Haysom investigates the 2012 necklacing of Rowan du Preez in Bardale, Mfuleni on the Cape Flats. The state charged activist Angy Peter with his murder, claiming that as he was dying Rowan accused Angy of setting alight the tyre around his neck.

"This book not only capture the gritty reality of daily life in a South African township, it explores the shifting, teasing nature of 'truth', posing the question of whether police procedure and a courtroom are equipped to establish it." Michela Wrong, author of "Borderlines" and "It's Our Turn to Eat"

"A South African version of 'In Cold Blood', done with great integrity. It reads like a thriller." John Maytham, radio talk show host

South African writer Simone Haysom works at the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime. She is a previous recipient of a Miles Morland scholarship for African writers.