: Fairhead (B.) & Coetzee (J.)

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92pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2017


"The title should have warned me, On reading the title poem, I realise any of the poems is a gateway into this passion with compassion, into a garden whose fragrances colour every sound lovers make when words have to cope. Make the lovers poets, see how each facet is etched, each jewel worked and polished. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful." Hugh Hodge, host of Off-the-Wall gigs in Observatory, Scarborough and McGregor's Poetry Festival

"From the blind to the seeing, from the seeing to the blind...this volume is a compelling declaration of love and radiance, and transformation." Petra Müller, author of "Night Crossing"

Barbara Fairhead was born in the UK in 1939, and has lived in South Africa since 1948. She has published two books of poetry and a novel, and is the lyricist for the band Red Earth & Rust.
Jacques Coetzee matriculated from the Pioneer School for the Blind in Worcester. He is the singer and one of the main songwriters for the band Red Earth & Rust.