: Vladislaviç (I.)

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257pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2024


Ivan Vladislaviç on life in Johannesburg.

"An elegant, gentle, bitter-sweet ramble through the streets of Johannesburg with the incomparable Vladislaviç." Jonny Steinberg, author of The Number and A Man of Good Hope

"Ivan Vladislaviç's hand, not unlike that if Marlene Dumas, is unshaking as it paints silent, slow and highly vivid, almost cinematic, lines on the canvas of our shared Johannesburg." Bongani Madondo, author of Sigh, the beloved country

Ivan Vladislaviç is Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing at the University of the Witwatersrand. His books include the novels The Restless Supermarket, The Folly, The Exploded View, Double Negative and The Distance, the short story collections Flashback Hotel and 101 Detectives, and Portrait with Keys, a sequence of documentary texts on Johannesburg. His work has won the Sunday Times Fiction Prize, the Alan Paton Award, the University of Johannesburg Prize and Yale University’s Windham-Campbell Prize for fiction.