: Ndlovu (S.)

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199pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2020


A collection of short stories by Zimbabwean writer Shanice Ndlovu. Ndlovu currently lives in Johannesburg.

"Ndlovu's carefully crafted universe ushers in an engrossing fantastic journey. As the medley of charming characters stake their claim at a bigger, more adventurous life, they reach deep into all our secret yearnings and searing tragedies. Ndlovu skilfully intertwines her characters' quests across the various stories, making The Pride of Noonlay an even more rewarding read in this regard, and this admirable debut will leave you waiting for more." Nedine Moonsamy, author of The Unfamous Five

"Bittersweet sorcery, dark fates ... set in an intricately imagined realm, these stories cast a sensuous spell. I was gladly magicked." Henrietta Rose-Innes, author of Nineveh and Green Lion