: Law-Viljoen (B.)

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267pp., hardback, d.w., Cape Town, 2016


A novel about a reclusive printmaker and the mystery of his thousands of un-exhibited etchings and drawings.

"Law-Viljoen writes with a delicate touch about the paradoxes at the heart of image-making, the sorrows of lost love, and the dubious consolations of friendship. Her subtle, layered portrait of a reclusive printmaker reveals how art can both save the artist from the world and ruin it for him. The book is a joy to read." Ivan Vladislaviç

"Debut novels with the subtlety and confidence of "The Printmaker" are a great rarity. In this captivating book about art and artists, which is equally a story of mothers and sons, lost love, missed love, migration, and the inequalities of contemporary South African life, Bronwyn Law-Viljoen reveals herself as a writer of exceptional precision, psychological insight, and mesmerizing style." Patrick Flanery, author and Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Reading

Bronwyn Law-Viljoen is a senior lecturer and Head of Creative Writing at the University of the Witwatersrand. She is also the editor and co-founder of Fourthwall Books, and a former editor of Art South Africa magazine. She taught writing and literature at New York University. "The Printmaker" is her first novel.