: Rhoodie (E.)

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927pp., illus., some foxing, hardback, covers worn, Pretoria, 1983


"During the seventies South Africa secretly spent R75 million on a covert propaganda campaign. The funds were hidden in the secret budget of the Minister of Defence, without Parliament's approval. When details leaked to the press, it set off a string of dramatic events forcing the abdication of the State President. The fall-out changed the political face of South Africa. Despite massive press coverage, and months of secret hearings by a commission of inquiry under Justice Rudolph Erasmus, a thousand questions remained unanswered. The central figure in the drama was Dr. Eschel Rhoodie, who had the responsibility of executing the secret programme and whom the government of P.W. Botha first tried to silence and then, unsuccessfully, to imprison. Now, the complete inside story of the entire drama is told for the first time, by the only person who had access to all the information - Eschel Rhoodie himself." Taken from the book.