THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE LITIGATED, people power and legal power in the 21st century, with a foreword by Jane Fonda

: Redford (K.) & Gevisser (M.) eds.

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349pp., paperback, New York & London, 2023

25 lawyers and activists from around the world on their work and how movements can use the law - and must sometimes break it - to bring about change.

Contributors: Phelister Abdalla, Alejandra Ancheita, Joe Athialy, Baher Azmy, Pavel Chikov, Ghida Frangieh, Njeri Gateru, Mark Gevisser, Robin Gorna, Justin Hansford, Mark Heywood, Benjamin Hoffman, David Hunter, Ka Hsaw Wa, Julia Lalla-Maharajh, Kumi Naidoo, Nana Ama Nketia-Quaidoo, Katie Redford, Jennifer Robinson, Ayisha Siddiqa, Eimear Sparks, Klementyna Suchanov, Marissa Vahlsing, Krystal Two Bulls, David Wicker, Farhana Yamin and JingJing Zhang

“Every person in this book has spent their lives acting like the house is on fire and responding to the world’s most pressing problems with the urgency they deserve. But more than that, they are offering a roadmap for doing what is often considered to be impossible, but necessary. They are the true leaders that the world needs to listen to and follow.” Greta Thunberg

“If you say you want a revolution, this stirring volume teaches what every human rights lawyer learns the hard way: lasting victories are only won through an ‘inside-outside’ game, where lawyers fight in court for what activists fight in the streets. The chapters take you on a dizzying tour d’horizon spanning Black Lives Matter, environmental justice, reproductive rights, global financial accountability, and AIDS action, unfolding on the streets of New York, labor camps in Burma, the Peruvian Amazon, India, Kenya, Xi’s China and Putin’s Russia. The stories are inspiring and the lessons bracing.” Harold Hongju Koh, former Dean, Yale Law School

South African journalist and author Mark Gevisser's books include The Pink Line: Journeys across the world’s queer frontiers; Lost and Found in Johannesburg; and A Legacy of Liberation: Thabo Mbeki and the future of South Africa’s dream

Lawyer Katie Redford is Executive Director of the Equation Campaign, which confronts the climate crisis by “supporting movements on the ground to keep fossil fuels in the ground.” She was a co-founder and director of EarthRights International, where she oversaw litigation, training and campaigns programs to hold corporations and other perpetrators legally accountable for human rights and environmental abuses worldwide.