THE SECRET SON OF WALLIS SIMPSON, my quest for the truth

: Molteno (S.)

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 278pp., illus., maps, paperback, Market Harborough, 2022


Joss de Wahl was, pretended he was, or believed he was, the secret son of Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII. He claimed he was hidden away in South Africa because his birth coincided with the abdication crisis and questions surrounding Edward VIII’s legal entitlement to renounce the throne. Joss de Wahl died in 2010.

Selina Molteno was born in Cape Town. At the age of 18 she travelled to Europe to pursue a career as a ballet dancer. After her marriage she spent two years in Nigeria (1967-1969) and extended periods in Trinidad and South Africa. She is the author of Letters from an Intrepid Ballet Dancer and An Expatriate Family in the Nigerian Civil War. She lives in Oxford and has worked in academic publishing for over 30 years.